Kratom Executive Summaries

We stay up to date on everything related to kratom. It’s our business, and we want you to know that you can count on us to know what's going on with mitragyna speciosa in the U.S. and around the world. We track the science, the politics, the business, and everything that doesn’t fall neatly into a category - like the herb itself.

We’ve decided to share our research with you in a condensed, easy to read format. Kratom Executive Summaries will highlight current and past news and research. We’ll give you the key takeaways, and link back to the original sources so you can read or watch the original full versions.

Kratom is controversial. We’ll share information from all points of view. And we’ll weigh in on occasion as to the credibility of some items.


World Health Organization gives kratom a pass

A World Health Organization concluded 11-1 that kratom does not require more review and regulation, and should not be classified as a controlled substance. ...

Congressman supports legal kratom

Congressman Paul Gosar tweeted his support for kratom as a pain reliever and aid in opioid withdrawal...

Entrepreneurs capitalize on Thailand's legalization of kratom

With Thailand's recent decriminalization of kratom, sellers popped up within hours on social media...

Thailand legalizes kratom

Criminal penalties for the sale and possession of kratom were discontinued in Thailand in late August...

Discover Magazine takes a comprehensive look at kratom information

Writer Gabe Allen reviewed the history and science of kratom in the United States. The article is dated August 3, 2021 and appears in Discover Magazine. Here are the highlights in our executive summar...

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