Kratom Executive Summaries

We stay up to date on everything related to kratom. It’s our business, and we want you to know that you can count on us to know what's going on with mitragyna speciosa in the U.S. and around the world. We track the science, the politics, the business, and everything that doesn’t fall neatly into a category - like the herb itself.

We’ve decided to share our research with you in a condensed, easy to read format. Kratom Executive Summaries will highlight current and past news and research. We’ll give you the key takeaways, and link back to the original sources so you can read or watch the original full versions.

Kratom is controversial. We’ll share information from all points of view. And we’ll weigh in on occasion as to the credibility of some items.


West Virginia adopts kratom regulations

The Mountain State becomes the eighth state in the nation to regulate kratom....

Texas looks into kratom regulation

Two bills, House Bill 861 and Senate Bill 497, were introduced in early March. ...

Virginia’s first kratom regulations adopted.

The industry welcomes Virginia's adoption of regulations for kratom, according to ABC 8News, Richmond, Va....

West Virginia bill regulating kratom moves to Senate

In a voice vote without discussion, West Virginia’s Senate Judiciary Committee on Feb. 23 approved a bill regulating the marketing of kratom and delta-8 THC....

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