Wisconsin Lawmakers Propose New Kratom Assembly Bill 393

  •   Posted on: 2023-10-05
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AB 393 was introduced in mid-September. A vote will be made in the coming weeks.

  • Five Republican legislators in Wisconsin introduced Assembly Bill 393 in mid-September. The bill would legalize kratom products that are branded properly and meet certain requirements. 
  • This bill is the second attempt by Republican lawmakers in Wisconsin to legalize kratom, after halting efforts amid criticism by law enforcement last year. Currently, possession of kratom in Wisconsin is a misdemeanor. 
  • Proponent of the bill, Rep. Macco, states “We think it’s a great alternative to address some of the drug problems we have. It replicates opioids without having the addictive effects. So for folks that have chronic pain, chronic issues, we think it represents a great alternative”. 
  • According to speciosa.org, the hearing on kratom lasted over 3 hours. There was no vote, but one is expected in the next few weeks.

Photo: Public Domain