Third International Kratom Symposium - Recap

  •   Posted on: 2024-03-01
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The International Kratom Symposium attracted researchers from around the world.

  • In mid-February, researchers from around the globe convened for the Third International Kratom Symposium
  • The convention was hosted by the University of Florida College of Pharmacy, a top institute in the country for kratom research. The three day event consisted of more than 20 presentations in the fields of botany, public health, chemistry, and pharmacology. 
  • The symposium aimed to establish a thorough understanding of the plant for stakeholders, scientists, and legislators. The topics covered ranged from farming kratom to clinical research. A main undertone of the event was concerns with kratom’s recent spark in use internationally, specifically in the West. 
  • Policy discussions regarding US regulation detailed the need for a balanced approach to access, as well as the potential impact kratom will have on public health. Overall, there was an emphasis on the need for evidence-based policy decisions and collaboration between regulators, researchers, and those in the industry marketplace. 
  • One subject of interest was each manufacturer’s responsibility to make consistent, uncontaminated, and accurately labeled products. The other top concern was consumer's ability to access clear, evidence-based resources to guide their decision making. 
  • Overall, the symposium facilitated communication amongst all expert parties in the industry, paving the way for future research and well-informed conversation. 

(Source: WRAL News)