Thailand legalizes kratom

  •   Posted on: 2021-09-13
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Associated Press 

  • Criminal penalties for possession and sale of kratom in Thailand were removed on Aug. 24, 2021. 

  • Thousands of legal cases for possession or sale of kratom are being dropped. 

  • 121 inmates convicted in kratom cases are being released. Possession of kratom had been punishable by up to two years in prison and a fine of as much as 200,000 baht ($6,077) for quantities of 10 kilograms (22 pounds) or more.

  • Kratom has been removed from the official list of controlled narcotics. 

  • Thailand recently began allowing regulated medical marijuana use. It also now allows the licensed buying and growing of marijuana. Households can now grow up to six plants. 

  • Harsh penalties remain for harder drugs such as heroin and methamphetamine. 

  • Easing pressure on Thailand’s justice system and its overcrowded prisons has been a major impetus for the new drug policy.

  • Besides reducing costs in the legal system, the liberalization of kratom laws will allow it to be used as a low-cost substitute for expensive painkillers such as morphine. It will create income for people cultivating the plant, which is mostly grown and used in the impoverished south.

  • Kratom is ingested in different ways in different countries and cultures. In Thailand, users typically chew the leaves. 

  • Kratom has been a part of local people’s lives for a long time, said Ramdin Areeabdulsorma, a government official in the Pattani province. “To decriminalize kratom is the right thing to do,” he said.

  • Kratom remains unregulated in the U.S., although it is illegal in some states. Its proponents promote its use as a legitimate painkiller that's a safe alternative to powerful opioids.

Link to the full article is here: https://bit.ly/Thailandlegal