Michigan considers "common sense" kratom regulation

  •   Posted on: 2022-10-17
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Kratom supporters say it can provide health benefits when used properly. (Photo and article by Robin Erb)


Michigan soon may regulate the herbal supplement kratom, making it illegal for minors and requiring licenses and product testing for anyone wishing to sell it.

A bill sponsored by state Rep. Lori Stone, D-Warren, other Democrats, and a Republican, would create the Kratom Consumer Protection and Regulatory Act. Stone calls it a “common-sense” approach similar to Michigan’s marijuna regulation. It would require specific labeling on kratom packaging and limit the herb to adult use, “because we don't want our youth enticed by one more thing,” Stone said.

  • Kratom is market as an alternative medicine or natural remedy for pain and stress, including PTSD.

  • The bill would become effective Jan. 1, 2023, if passed. 

  • It would require a license to sell, distribute or manufacture kratom.

  • All raw materials used in kratom products would be tested.

  • Warning labels would be required for all kratom products.

  • The proposed law would also cover online sales.