Kratom making positive news even in smaller towns

The “Times-Republican” of Marshalltown, Iowa, featured a comprehensive article on the benefits of Kratom in April of 2021.

Kratom is sold in the Marshalltown Shag store, among other places.

Store employee Danielle Catron cited pain relief from a red vein strain of Kratom. Ms Catron suffers from a lower back condition.

Josh Brown, an employee of Kratom vendor Marshalltown Tobacco and Vape Outlet, enjoys Kratom 2-3 times a week instead of a premium coffee from a national donut brand.

“We have pamphlets if they have questions,” Brown said. Because it is not regulated, “I can tell you what the claims are and what I’ve experienced,” he said. 

The article is noteworthy, and is featured here, because it indicates the “mainstreaming” of Kratom throughout the U.S. Marshalltown is a small, midwestern town of 27,000. It leans conservative politically. The online newspaper has “Republican” in its masthead.

Original article: http://bit.ly/kratommidwest