Georgia Moves to Update Kratom Legislation

  •   Posted on: 2024-04-01
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Kratom Regulation Bill Close to Being Passed in Georgia

  • Legislation to improve the regulation of kratom sales in Georgia is expected to pass before the end of the 2024 session of the General Assembly.
  • Georgia‚Äôs current KCPA (Kratom Consumer Protection Act) bill requires consumers to be 18, requires sellers to list all ingredients and the manufacturer, and imposes fines up to $1,000 or a year in jail for violations. 
  • House Bill 181 is considered a diluted version of the original kratom bill in 2024. 
  • This new bill would raise the legal purchasing age from 18 to 21. It would also require kratom products to be kept behind the counter in stores, with the name of the manufacturer on the package. This bill would also prohibit any sort of kratom ingestion via smoking/vaporizing and place a limit on the amount of mitragynine/7-hydroxymitragynine in kratom products.
  • Penalties for selling to someone under 21 years of age would be $250 for first time offenders, $500 for a second offense, and $1,000 for a third offense. 

(Source: The Brunswick News)